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Do you have a skill, talent or expertise? Share your knowledge with our members and others. You don't need to be a member of Making Awesome to host a class and you don't need to be an expert; a simple hobby to you may seem difficult to somebody who is eager to learn!

Getting Started - Fill Out the Form

Fill out the form @ Link to class form We’ll use that information to create a draft for you to review. Once you have approved the draft we will schedule and announce the class. We use BrownPaperTickets to register attendees and collect class fees.

Get Access to the Space

If you're a member, you should already have an RFID card. If you're not a member, you can become a member for the length of the class, or we'll have to find a member to host your class (be there to unlock the space)

Scheduling the Class

It is very important that the class does not conflict with other events. You must review the calendar (insert calendar link here) before scheduling to check for overlaps. There cannot be two wood shop classes at the same time, there just wouldn’t be space and it would be straight up dangerous. There also shouldn’t be two intro to Arduino classes on the same weekend as it would split the attendees between the two (unless there is high enough demand to fill them both!)

In situations where events have been scheduled on top of each other, priority is given to the class that was scheduled first.

If your event involves the use of power tools, dangerous materials, creates dust, fumes, or any other hazardous conditions please take these factors into consideration when selecting the event time and its location within Making Awesome. Be aware of other events in close proximity and be considerate of the safety of their attendees as well as your own.

Boilerplate for the Class Description

(not yet finished)

At the Event

  • Make sure all attendees have signed the Making Awesome liability waiver. (questionL Do we need one for non-members?)
  • Post a sign near the entrance specifying the class time, attendance limit, and cost of the class. This helps deter lookyloos and wander-ins.
  • Check attendance sheet (we'll provide it from BrownPaperTickets) for RSVPs and take attendance.
  • If you are charging for the class collect payment at the beginning of the event.
  • Put all payments into a single envelope marked with class name and date. Also include an attendance, making note of who payed online. Deposit this in slot in the bookkeeper's file cabinet.
  • As a courtesy to the next class, and to other members, return all equipment and class area to a clean and tidy state.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to our friends at TinkerMill, an awesome makerspace in Colorado. We have borrowed their ideas, words, and procedures. We also borrowed ideas from Artisan's Asylum, a makerspace in Somerville, Massachusetts