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This is a set of basic instructions for adding and/or editing content to the Making Awesome wiki. The wiki is currently located at The wiki is, by default, read-only. In order to edit the wiki, an account is required. The wiki is using the MediaWiki software controlled by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Obtaining an Account[edit]

Obtaining an Account - On each page of the wiki in the upper right hand corner, is a link labeled “Request account”. Click on that link and follow the instructions provided. If you have any issues obtaining an account, you should email


MediaWiki pages are “marked up” with a syntax unique to the system.

Editing a Page[edit]

There is an edit link on each page at the top, and for each section of a page. You must be an authorized user, and signed in, to edit.


nternal links point to other pages within the wiki. External links point to web addresses outside the wiki.

This is an internal link: [[internal link]]

Note that double brackets are used. This creates a link to an internal page labeled “internal link”. If the page doesn’t exist, the link will still appear but will be red. If you click on a red link, you are given the opportunity to create the page. If you want to have another work/words show appear instead of the internal page name, you can add a | after the link and insert other text. For example: [[internal link | This is an internal link]]

An external link is indicated this way: []

You can change the title of a link by adding a space after the URL and entering the text you want to appear. For example: [ link to google search page]


MediaWiki supports a series of headings. On the site, we are using level two headings. A heading is indicated by adding two equal signs before and after the title. For example, ==Screwdrivers== Will show up as a heading with a line below it like this:


Within pages, we are using a lower level of heading with 5 equal signs on each side of the heading. This causes a bold heading. =====safety===== Causes this to display:

Bulleted Lists[edit]

To create a bulleted list, place an asterisk (*) and a space before each entry in the list. For example, this list:

==Electronics Shop==

* [[Oscilloscope]]

* [[Power Supply]]

* [[Hakko 926 Soldering Station]]

* [[Function Generator]]

Looks like this when rendered:

Electronics Shop[edit]

Standard Layout for Making Awesome Tool Pages[edit]

In general, tool pages should contain these five headings:


Some text introducing the tool (The hammer is a hand tool used to hit things). =====safety=====

Don’t hit your thumb with the hammer Here's a good safety video for this tool: [ Hammer Safety Video]


* [ Hammer product page]

* [ Source for replacement hammer handles]


  • owner: Making Awesome (or whomever the owner is)
  • status: do not hack (or "is hackable")
  • restrictions: You must have an iq above 12 to use this tool.(or whatever the appropriate restrictions are)
Linking Images[edit]

It’s possible to add an image to a page. One way is to find a image you wish to use in the Wikimedia Commons [1]. For each image in the commons, there is a button on the right hand side, labeled “Use this file on a wiki”. Copy the string provided and past it on the appropriate page.

To add a new (not from Wikimedia Commons) image, first click on the upload file link under tools in the left sidebar. Once the file is uploaded, you can link to it by using the internal link markup like this:


It is also possible to constrain the size of the photo by adding a | and the number of pixels you want the image to be:


Changing the Title of a Page[edit]

It is easy to change the tile of a page. In the top bar of each page, there is a pulldown menu titled “More”. If you click on that pulldown, one of the options is “Move”. By selecting “Move” you are able to rename the page. Be sure to click on the “Leave a redirect behind” box so that any internal links to the old page name will still work.